Bible Heroes

Courageous Community – Together is Better

Continuing the study of Bible heroes, today’s passage from 2 Samuel 12 is about King David’s friend, Nathan. In this situation, Nathan had the daunting task of helping David see and face his own terrible sin.  The story illustrates the reality that Christians need each other. Many of us fall prey to our own self-deception and need…

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What God Calls Us To, He Equips Us For

Sometimes God uses just the right circumstances and experiences to prepare people for heroic effort. Today’s presentation looks at one of the most famous Bible heroes, David, and the life experiences that God used to prepare him to stand in the gap and lead his people to victory. Click on the player below to hear the…

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See the Time and Seize the Moment

How do righteous people react and deal with life’s circumstances when they don’t feel or sense the presence of God working in their lives (especially when the situation is dire)? In today’s presentation, Pastor Ken Cavanagh examines how God tests Esther’s faith to the brink. Her story ultimately proves why she is one of the…

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