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God's Great Plan

How does God take a spiritually dead person to a path that leads to salvation. In today´s message, Pastor Ken tries to unpack God´s plan into five stages. A plan that some describe as miraculous, complicated and maybe even controversial. Listen and judge for yourself.   Click the player below to listen to the sermon presentation.

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No Condemnation, No Separation

In today´s message, Pastor Ken begins Romans, chapter 8 and talks about the reality of how many people, even Christians, wrestle with a feeling of condemnation because of sin and the realization of sin. It seems even when salvation is gained through Jesus Christ, some still slip into an underlying feeling of condemnation and separation from…

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Eagerly Expecting

Sooner or later death comes to everyone. Like a morning fog, our lives are unpredictable. Here one minute, gone the next. In the latter part of Romans chapter 8, the apostle, Paul focuses on our experiences with pain and suffering and provides insight into how we might deal with the reality of hardship.   Click the player below…

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Spirit Led People

Some of the greatest needs in the world today originate from people who need to be ministered to. But to effectively connect with God through other Christians, Christians need to be empowered and “Holy Spirit” led. In Romans chapter 8, Paul talks about how the “spirit led” life can impact the lives of people around…

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Not Slaves But Sons and Daughters of God

What does a spirit-filled life look like?  In today’s message, Pastor Ken tackles one of the hardest themes in the Christian faith to understand. It’s the reality that there are people in this world that simply do not live a life connected to God. What are Christians to do and how can they help them?   Click…

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Because of Jesus

Does religion sometimes feel like being like a treadmill? You expend an incredible amount of effort and your take-away is simply exhaustion. In today’s message, Pastor Ken takes us through a passage in Romans chapter 8 that contrasts two ways of living: one that is a spiritually exhausting experience and one that is a spiritually productive…

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Your Worst Life Now

There’s one power for living the Christian life and it, fortunately, doesn’t rely on us. Christians who don’t get that the source for living a Christian life comes from God literally live the worst life ever. In today’s presentation from Romans chapter 7, Pastor Ken Cavanagh shares how Paul’s own struggle provides direction for us…

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Who Needs Speed Limits?

Sometimes Christians use God’s commandments as an excuse for their own sin. They ridiculously think God’s commandments cause their own sin. Why would God command such things of us when knows we’ll struggle or even fail? In Romans chapter 7, Paul offers some practical advice for coping.   Click on the player below to listen to…

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