Whom Shall I Send?

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In today’s presentation, Pastor Ken shares a time in someone’s story that left him changed. And his story can change you and me. His encounter can leave you and me…changed for the better. His name is Isaiah. For the audio presentation click on the player below. For the written manuscript click here.    

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What Love is This?

Kent to insert intro text here————————–>   Click the player below to listen to the audio presentation…  

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Don’t be Duped

Duped. No one imagines they are. But let’s face it, lots of people are duped. We fall for slick advertisements, and end up with buyer’s regret. The news has plenty of stories uncovering deceptions in the realms of business, politics, and entertainment. The greatest need to discern truth from lies is in the realm of…

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Confident Before God

Ken to Insert Intro Here——————–>   Click the player below to listen to the audio presentation…

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Uncovering Jesus

Guest Paster Steven Alvarado Ken to Insert Blurb Here———————->   Click the player below to hear the audio presentation…

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Your Work Matters

If someone asked you why you work, what would you say? For some it’s their passion. For others it’s about their paycheck. For others, it’s simply meaningless or misery. In today’s sermon presentation, Pastor Ken presents a look at the very beginning of the Old Testament in the book of Genesis to see if there’s…

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