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Viral Bible Verses

Viral Bible Verses – Part 4

Philippians 4:13 Welcome to week 4 and our final talk in our series Viral. Just like videos go viral, we’ve been digging into Bible verses that have gone viral—one a week, talking about what made that verse go viral, then discovering the context in which that verse was given, so that we can experience the…

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Viral Bible Verses – Part 2

Matthew 6:13 Last year more than 27 billion chapters of the Bible were read on the YouVersion Bible app. Since the Bible is comprised of less than 1,200 chapters in total, 27 billion chapters read is great to hear! People listened to more than 4 billion Bible chapters read to them from the YouVersion Bible…

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Viral Bible Verses – Part 1

Joshua 1:9 You know what it’s like when something goes viral—usually a video that’s funny or amazing. It goes viral when person after person shares it, tweets it, posts it, and brings it up in conversation. And before you know it, it’s widely known. It enters the cultural milieu.  And it isn’t just videos that…

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