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Why Believe

Why Believe? Part 5: What Now?

Welcome to the final week of the teaching series, “Why Believe?” Over several Sundays, yChurch has been engaging heart and mind with the evidence for the core claims of the Christian faith: Jesus’ resurrection, God’s existence, the Bible’s trustworthiness, Jesus as the one way to God and more. In today’s presentation, Pastor Ken Cavanagh reviews the key points…

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Why Believe? Part 4: One Way

One of the most widely-held beliefs in contemporary Western culture is that if there is a heaven, just about everyone goes there. Most believe there are many ways to God, and that to say otherwise is intolerant. But is that true? Continuing the current teaching series “Why Believe,” Pastor Ken examines the most controversial claim…

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Why Believe? Part 3: Why Believe the Bible is God’s Word?

What are the reasons an intelligent person could conclude that the Bible is God’s Word? In part 3 of the “Why Believe?” series, Pastor Ken Cavanagh digs deep and explores the evidence for the Bible providing the God’s words for eternal life.  Click the player below to hear the sermon

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Why Believe the Bible?

  From Pastor Ken: When I was in English Lit. class in college, one day our prof asked, “Who here believes the Bible? Who believes it is God’s Word?” Two students raised their hands: an orthodox Jewish classmate and me, a brand-new believer. He explained, “Every year I do this, and every year I get…

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Why Believe? Part 1

Everyone bets their life on something. Some bet this life is all there is—that we come from nothing, get a brief and meaningless existence, then return to nothing. But others bet there’s more: that life can have rich purpose, that death is a doorway rather than a destination, and that God has personally sent his…

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