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Join us at the Fishers YMCA this Sunday at 9:30 a.m. for a timely word from God, uplifting music, and the chance to meet some good people who love Jesus. Children’s ministry is provided for newborns through 5th grade in the beautiful and secure child watch area. No YMCA membership is necessary to come to yChurch.

Join us at the Fishers YMCA for Sunday worship at 9:30 a.m., with children’s ministry provided for newborns through 5th grade.

YMCA membership not necessary to come to yChurch!

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Engaging heart and mind in celebrating Christ, connecting people, and contributing meaningfully. We're laser-focused on doing these three things found in Acts 2:42-47...

Why meet for church in a YMCA?

We remember that Jesus went to others, rather than waiting for them to come to him. We want to do the same, helping those we meet take their next step with God...

Celebrate, Connect, Contribute

Celebrating Christ, connecting people and contributing meaningfully are the basis of our church vision. When Christ-centered, we believe these create a healthy foundation ...

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Recent News and Blog Articles

God's heart for the nations

February 28, 2013

International worker Mark Krueger hit it out of the park at the kick-off of last night’s Missions Festival. Bam! A shot to the heart, straight from God’s heart for the nations. Mark works with the Christian & Missionary Alliance in Guinea, West Africa, providing practical help in Jesus’ name, and always looking for opportunities to…

Soaring to new heights

February 22, 2013

My brother-in-law had a real treat one day last summer when he happened upon a dozen or so large birds on his property in Maine. When he got close enough to see what they were, they quickly swooped up and took flight on the 6 ½ to 7 ½ feet wing span of the American…

Just because it has a label…

February 18, 2013

What’s 300 years old, made of wood and easily outperforms most mutual funds? Answer: a violin handcrafted by Antonio Stradivari. Of all the violins he made, only 650 are known to remain. They’re so valuable that Chicago’s Stradivari Society values some of their instruments at $6 million apiece. While inspecting the barn on his newly…

Day 1 of Seeking God for the City

February 13, 2013

See anyone with a dark smudge on their forehead yet today? Those ashes signify repentance as Lent begins, leading up to Easter. Instead of ashes, we’re launching into a 40-day season of seeking God for his blessing–starting today. “You forgave the iniquity of your people; You covered all their sin…Restore us, O God of our…

Seeking God for the next 40 days

February 11, 2013

This Wednesday we launch a special 40-day season of praying biblical prayers of hope. I’ve begun praying a prayer found in the journal of David Brainerd, an early 18th-century missionary to Native Americans whose journal has deeply influenced many. He prayed, “God, let me make a difference for you that is utterly disproportionate to who…

Where is God when we suffer?

February 9, 2013

Saeed Abedini was visiting Iran last fall when Iranian authorities pulled him off a bus and threw him into prison. There, he has been severely beaten by prison guards and inmates. Because of his leadership years ago of a Christian house church network in Iran, Saeed was charged with threatening Iran’s national security. Saeed’s attorney…

Working for the harvest

February 2, 2013

Man, it’s cold outside! But that doesn’t stop us from farming. In tomorrow’s final message in our Financial Fitness series, we’re digging into the laws of the harvest. Every farmer lives by them. Master gardeners learn them. And we all do well to discover them. The laws of the harvest work, whether or not we…

Blessing those impacted by Hurricane Sandy

January 30, 2013

In our special Christmas offering last month, God’s people stepped up and gave a radically generous $5,525 to fund our ministry here in Fishers, to support our international workers in 81 nations, and to bless those impacted so harshly by Hurricane Sandy. Way to go, church! Our relief money is being channeled through Compassion And Mercy Associates,…

Preparing for the storm

November 26, 2012

Hurricane Sandy is out of sight and therefore out of mind for most of us. Not for Andy, a fellow church member from Long Island years back. Andy and Nancy lived in a waterfront home on Long Island’s South shore with their kids. The day the hurricane was due to hit, Andy posted this on…

Why go to church?

November 8, 2012

Because of the inspiring music?  Impactful preaching?  Exciting children’s program?  If we go to church in hopes of getting something out of it, then we become consumers and church becomes a product.  Churches segment and market around personal taste and affinity.  Not very compelling, is it? One of my peers, David Fitch, holds out three…

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