Pardon me!

“Mr. Governor, I am asking for a second chance at life,” the convicted drug felon wrote. “I am asking for a second chance to be the man that I know I can be.” Kyle’s pardon was granted—by his father. You see, Kyle’s Dad is Mike Beebe, then-Governor of Arakansas. Asked about the pardon, Governor Beebe remarked, “I would have done it a long time ago if he’d have asked, but he took his sweet time about asking.” What a picture of us and God! Our sin is real and consequential. But so is Christ’s death, which satisfies heaven’s justice on behalf of all who ask. So ask! This Sunday at yChurch, we explore Romans 6:6-14, where the apostle Paul lays out four things that are true as you trust in Christ. Pardon is just the beginning! Hope to see you 9:30 this Sunday, in the Fishers YMCA.